16 Days Till My Life Begins

by Carrie

September is here and I still am in disbelief I am about to take the biggest leap forward in my life within two weeks and change. Feels like so little time has passed yet the year is almost over.

Within this year I have wrestled with my problems at home and controlling my anger from the negativity surrounding me here at home, to becoming a better person and landing a proper career job! I don’t understand why here I could not achive it but because a handful of people believed in me and helped me come this far, I am where I am today.

I never thought taking a huge risk and looking outside of my own country for work would pay off. Funny how life can be once you decide to take control of your own circumstances. For so long I only wanted to be happy in life and now it’s finally happening!

I guess once I reach my new apartment my emotions will hit me. I have dreamed of this for so long it feels so unreal. Can’t begin to say how elated I am! I’ll miss a handfull of things here but I enjoy my time in Trinidad far too much. Something about the simple life is fulfilling oddly. 

Nothing but happiness, blessings and good times are ahead. For once I am writing my own success story. Let’s see where it takes me. 

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