4 Days to go.

by Carrie

Today was rough, getting together some more stuff and started packing which is never fun. Relaxed at Starbucks yet again. Kinda taking it in since it is my usual watering hole and I’m gonna miss this spot by me.

I do miss yesterday though, it was a great day. Had spent the entire afternoon/evening with my best friend since work is about to hit her with a load of 12 hour shifts and I won’t be able to see her again till I return. 
She has been and still is a pillar of strength, confidante, best friend, a second conscience, the sister I never had. I wish more people in this world had a friend like her in their lives. This planet would be in a better place if people were more kind and selfless towards each other. 

She stood by me when I needed a friend, gave me excellent advice and steered me down the right path. I know I’ll be harassing her a lot when I go. It won’t be the same without her presence. She’s the only person I regret having to leave. But I know I will see her again. Never goodbye just a solid “brb” ?

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