A Long Awated Update

by Carrie

I know it’s been too long.i have had zero time to update but I’ll do better in the future. Since I arrived in Trinidad it has been amazing! I cannot even remember how life used to be before I came here. The view from my room is awesome. I’d never believe I’d get to live in a place like this. Work is good, getting around without a car took adapting to but I’m starting to love it. Lost a lot of weight walking and the food in this country is sublime! So much to do and see here, I need to make a list.

I totally don’t wanna go back to Canada. I never knew what it was like to have my own life, my own place, go and come on my own terms. It feels so different. Also have been trying to improve myself. I used to be such a disgruntled, angry person because I couldn’t get out of my problems.  Now I’m thankful and realized I’m blessed in more ways than one. I may not be filthy rich but I have more than most people would love to have. 

Here’s to living the dream!!!!

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