Monday’s Need No Motivation!

by Carrie

I’ve never enjoyed Monday’s in my life until I moved to Trinidad lol.

Worked like mad today but had my first meeting out of office with my supervisor which was great. It’s been so very long since I have done anything like that. Trying my best to step it up at work a bit more. Really wanna make a good impression on them. Had an odd spurt from the crazy a Christmas party planning but learned a lot from it. Got the hang of stuff now. Just need to keep improving daily.

Well after that meeting, I got dropped into town early (which was a godsend) then headed over to West Mall to relax. Managed to pick up an awesome Matte Black replica of a Hummer for my guy’s son’s birthday. I hope he will love it. He got a few luxury car models for his birthday so got him something that reminds me of Grant Theft Auto since he adores that (what gamer doesn’t lol).

Then plopped myself down to a Mango smoothie in the Rituals Coffee for a while and nabbed some new heels I’ve been dying to get. Need two more pairs but all in due time. I really need a toaster super badly and a proper oven. Mines refuses to work ugh!
Also found time to chat with a lovely lady who works at a perfume kiosk whom I tend to laze to whenever I’m in the mall. We finally had a good hour to really talk and connect. Been making so many friends lately all of which have amazing hearts and excellent company. It’s funny how God can put people in your path when you least expect it. Grateful for making a new friend today and for the freebie get off of work early lol.

Also spoiled my Ryan again with some Strawberry Mousse and got him this wicked cool Game of Thrones T-shirt he’s been eyeballing online. Plus finally made reservations at two epic sushi spots for our One Year and for Valentines! Totally can’t wait!!! February is going to rock!

He deserves so much, the poor guy works so hard and never gets to enjoy himself. I hope I can brighten his days as time goes on. I love seeing him smile and those bright eyes all shocked and stunned when I surprise him lol.

He is the greatest thing since sliced bread to me. A constant blessing in my life for sure.

Sigh I better snooze…..I want to keep writing but alas I need sleep bad. Only had three hours last night and I’m now feeling it lol. Running off adrenaline no doubt.

Take care everyone!

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