Turning Into A Shutterbug

by Carrie

So I got sick this week from not getting any rest from when my friend visited me from Toronto. Couldn’t take time off work so tried to fit in taking her places after I finished work. Slept minimally and well my body shut down. 

Only now I am feeling somewhat better but it was a struggle in the week, especially with this event we had for work in Claxton Bay. 

Was feeling down after waking up so early at 4am to get myself ready to go south but once we reached the hotel the view changed my mood instantly

Still can’t get over how beautiful this country is. Every time I find myself consumed with work and other stuff on my mind I see something in Trinidad that makes me smile and I take a moment to thank God for bringing me this far in my life. 

Then took a day to recuperate and going to work the next day I saw the greatest rainbow ever! Never seen a rainbow so bold in the sky it was almost like I could reach out and grab it. Not to mention got a spectacular photo out of it! 

Made my day. Everything went perfect that day even though I was battling the fever and sickness. Then won a cool Beauty and the Beast t-shirt off the IMAX Trinidad Facebook page too lol!!!

Picked it up today and saw a perfect photo-op again. Turning into a shutterbug lol. 

So far trying to get better. Who knows what awesomeness will come my way next week. 

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