My First Live Cricket Match

by Carrie

I still cannot get over the experience at Queen’s Park Oval last night in Port of Spain. I had no idea the size of the place plus the amount of people in the oval was insane! Felt like the whole of Trinidad was on site lol. 

The best part was how lively it was even when the visiting team started playing. I couldn’t tell if I was attending a fete or a Cricket match at times! 

One memorable moment for me oddly was when they played Three Little Birds and everyone started singing. It wasn’t just my section but the whole place. Warmed my soul. Trinidadians know how to keep the Vibes going. Pure fun all around. 

Compared to my past sporting experiences this one had the best Vibes ever. WWE would be a close second but the fans are passionate and come together to enjoy life and the game. 

And yes Trinidad did win haha! 

Life is an adventure! Always look for one and I guarantee you will learn much and be happier.

Much love to my good friend Barros for joining me. We had a blast. Great company, great booze and great cricket is all you need ????


[wpvideo AwY6EgUY]

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