The Year of Carrie

by Carrie

It’s officially been a year since I have come to Trinidad. It’s been tough here and there but I am proud of myself for coming this far in my life. Never thought I could have done something like this.  

Finally got hired on at my job permanently and I couldn’t be happier! It’s an great job and I am blessed to have such awesome coworkers. Trying to move forward with improving my lead generation in sales. It will take time but each month I find I get better at it and with my calls.

I got to see a live Cricket match for and it was amazing! Finally got to do something epic. Been so tired lately from work I just crash out after for sleeps once I get home, but the hard work will pay off!

I don’t even miss Toronto anymore, I have been at peace with myself for the entire year and it feels great to not deal with the stress from home. I actually have almost forgotten what it was like. Funny how that is. Never thought I would ever experience that but here I am!

Looking forward to more wonderful experiences here. God is good all the time even during the darkest of days. You will always come through with his love and guidance. 




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