A Quick Update

by Carrie

The sunsets after the rains here have been gorgeous lately. I wish I was out more to enjoy them and get pics for the gram. I get so tired out after work, just wanna crash out and relax.

We got paid early today (Woop!?) before the holiday on Thursday approaches. Gotta love when the payroll hits the account!

I really want to update here more often. I guess it’s writers block at times as well as fatigue from work. Maybe if I start setting a to do prompt it will encourage me more.

Also wanted to do a bit of redesigning of the site again but will have to see. I can’t stand the free templates lol. There are way more cooler ones out there but gotta go on paid plans ugh.

Ah well, till next time all. Feeling to doze off as I’m typing this, need more time in the day!

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