✨Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker Thoughts✨

by Carrie

Despite my injured ankle managed to make it to the super late night premiere of Rise of Skywalker. It was worth the pain.

This movie was a wild ride and negates Last Jedi completely. The purist fan in me had a few irks from some of the random bits in the film (Force Ghosts interacting with real world objects etc) but I kinda pushed all that aside as I really enjoyed this one. Loved all the Sith bits naturally especially the Emperor moments and Exegol scenes. Reminded me of the old Sith temples back in Knights of the Old Republic.

Also kinda miffed Ben just died out after Rey came back and kissed the man lol. So random but I was shocked that happened lol, I’m sure most people in the theater heard me freak out the loudest ?

I still have to re-watch it now I got the digital copy online. I didn’t get a second or third chance to see it in theaters which I totally regret. Need to go over the last 3 movies in full more. I know the previous 6 movies all too well lol.

I am just happy we get more Star Wars in life, it may not be perfect but heck we are blessed to see it again! Looking forward to more in the future.

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