Christmas 2019

by Carrie

Well if it wasn’t for me tripping up on the steps at work and mashing my ankle I’d have been having Christmas dinner with the family. Have to keep off it as much as possible with medication. But I did spoil myself with gifts along with Ryan’s present lol.

I had tripped and hit my ankle hard when i was rushing down the stairs at work, luckily no bones damaged just tissue and ligament but it is going to take time to heal. So far the crazy pain is gone, just is rough when I put weight on it. Wanted to start working out next year early but gonna have to wait a bit on that, ugh!

Also I am adding in some pics of my work Christmas festivities and Secret Santa swag as well here. Since I have been so busy at work the past few months up until now I haven’t been updating my website as much. My Secret Santa was the same person as last year lol and damn did she deliver again! I keep switching up my handbags ?

Despite my ankle i’ve been enjoying my rest up at home, feels amazing to not be stressed from work. Going to miss this time off. Need to take more vacations, hope I can do that more in 2020.

Enjoy the pics everyone, more updates to come!

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